Cyclops Digital Microscopes

Cyclops Digital Microscopes offer exceptional magnification with crystal clear high definition imaging. View stunning images on your HD monitor, reducing the eye strain and body fatigue associated with frequent microscope use.

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Cyclops 2.0 Digital Microscope with USB & HDMI Outputs | MicroSD Image Capture
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Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope


Cyclops Micro Digital Microscope with Micro Zoom Lens
Cyclops Macro Digital Microscope with Macro Zoom Lens
Cyclops USB/HDMI Digital Microscope + ZEN Mount
Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope + ZEN Mount
Articulating Arm Stand for Video Inspection Systems
ZEN Mount Arm for Video Inspection Systems
HDMI Image and Video Capture Box
Cyclops Stand
Cyclops Remote Control
Power Supply for Cyclops Digital Microscopes
Cyclops Objective Lens 4X with Polarizer
Cyclops 4x Long Focus Lens
Cyclops Objective Lens 4X
Cyclops Objective Lens 10X
Cyclops Laser Pointer
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Select up to 4 items to compare.