Universal Digital Microscope Stand w/Backlight

Product #: 26700-311
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Price: $48.83

Universal stand with built in LED backlight, X-Y Stage and Fine Focus adjustment.


Universal Digital Microscope Stand w/Backlight


This innovative 3D stand features a 360-degree swivel arm and head that allows operators to position their digital microscope or camera at any angle, and provides a wide range of motion. A single tension knob allows for quick positioning.  Compact, sturdy stand constructed from high quality anodized aluminum.

Requires 4 AAA batteries or a USB power source.

Built-In Backlight


Built in LED backlight can be powered via USB (cable included) or using 4 AAA batteries. Excellent for viewing specimens where backlighting is essential for image enhancement.  Glass surface for object placement

Fine Focus Adjustment

Precise Focus and Distance

Perfect for applications where exact focal distance is necesary.  


  • Built-in Back Light
  • Fine focus adjustment
  • Metal clips for holding objects firmly
  • Glass surface for object placement
  • Adapters to mount a variety of digital microscopes included


Universal Digital Microscope Stand with Backlight
Base Dimension Base: 120 x 110mm
Glass Plate: 40 x 40mm
Post Height 180mm
Weight 0.5lb
Package Contents Base with X-Y Stage
Vertical Post
USB cable
Adapters & Holder
Mounting Hardware

3 reviews for Universal Digital Microscope Stand w/Backlight

  1. Marcos Mariano

    Good Morning,
    I need the digital camera driver:

    • George Fielder

      Mr. Mariano, there is no driver for the 26700-311, it is a microscope stand. You can download the software from the support page on our website. http://www.aventools.com/contact/support/

  2. Medardo Martinez

    Hello, I know this is a post for the stand, but I have that camera in the picture and I don’t know which driver to install, I have installed 3 and does not work, help!

  3. randall stiles


    • aventools

      Mr. Stiles,
      Thank you for your feedback. I would like to help clear up any confusion you may have. This item is an optional stand for digital microscopes, though it does not include a digital microscope.

      All of our digital microscopes do include a stand as part of the package. If you have any questions, we can be reached at info@aventools.com

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