Ultra-Glide Arm Stand w/Heavy Metal Base

Product #: 26800B-556

Price: $275.00

This gliding arm stand with a heavy metal base is an excellent device for inspection applications that require magnification adjustment and the ability to move easily across a specimen.


Smooth movement of the gliding boom allows you to move your microscope easily over and across the object being viewed. Heavy metal base provides excellent stability.  Safety collar on the support post provides added security for your inspection system. Will accept bodies SSZ, SPZ series, DSZ series and NSW series.

Focus mount SCW-PA with tiltable arbor 26800B-521 or E-ARM required.


Durable Stability

Vertical and horizontal adjustment

  • Heavy base provides excellent stability
  • Gliding boom provides smooth horizontal movement
  • Allows positioning of microscopes over large area
  • Heavy duty all metal construction for durability
  • Heavy 15″ x 10.5″  base assures stability and space



For microscope attachment one of the following configurations is required:

E-Arm Focus Mount

Attaches to the front of the gliding arm

Focus Mount and Tiltable Arbor


  • 13.5″ height available with extension post
  • All metal construction
  • Ideal for use when large objects are to be viewed


Ultra-Glide Boom Stand w/Heavy Metal Base
Base Size 15″ x 10.5″
Base Weight 35 lbs
Vertical Post Length 13.5″
Vertical Post Diameter 37.2mm
Extension Post Length 225mm
Horizontal Arm Length 23″
Focus Mount Hole Diameter 15.875mm (5/8″)
Mounts Accepted SCW-PA focus mount with tiltable arbor 26800B-521 or E-Arm
Accepted Bodies SSZ, SPZ, DSZ and NSW series
Package Contents One boom stand with metal base
Users manual


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