SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope on Stand DABS & Integrated LED Ring Light

Product #: 26800B-369

Price: $1,770.79

SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope 6.7x to 50x, max 200x with optional lenses mounted on double arm boom stand with integrated 60 LED ring light with dimmer. Focus mount has coarse and fine focus for precise control.


SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope on Stand DABS & Integrated LED Ring Light

6.7-50x Magnification.  Ball bearing arm for easy positioning.


6.7x – 50x magnification with integrated ring light makes this system ideal for production applications.

This inspection and laboratory microscope offers a best-in-class zoom ratio with sharp 3D images, wide field of view and large working distance. As another distinctive advantage,  the ring light is a secure part of the focus mount, making the illumination unit an integral component, rather than a screw-on accessory, eliminates the danger of damage from a loosened ring light dropping on products being examined.

These benefits make the SPZ-50D system ideal for high-volume inspection stations, R&D engineering labs and science applications. Precision lenses deliver high-definition images from edge to-edge. Five dozen dimmable LEDs create a shadow-free lighting intensity of 35,000 lux, assuring accuracy and crisp imaging.

Our microscopes reflect the clear differences of Japanese-engineered instruments designed and manufactured to industry-leading standards. High-grade optical glass and a straight light path provide maximum clarity and undistorted viewing.

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  • Superior optics and reliable mechanical components
  • Magnification: 6.7x to 50x
  • Magnification range with optional lenses: 6.7x to 200x
  • High eye point of 17mm for comfortable viewing, even for operators with eye glasses
  • Large zoom ratio gives this microscope exceptional versatility
  • Multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration
  • Crystal clear high resolution images
  • Double arm boom stand allows positioning of the microscope over large areas
  • Tilt able arbor enables you to angle the microscope for maximum comfort and viewing
  • Integrated 60 LED Ring Light with dimmer


SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope on Stand DABS & Integrated LED Ring Light
Illumination 60 LED Ring Light, 5600K White, 35,000 Lux
Lighting Control Variable
Body Binocular
Objective Lens 0.67x to 5.0x
Magnification 6.7x to 50x
Working Distance 108mm (4.25″)
Eyepiece 10x Wide Field (FN: 23), 45€€€ Inclined
Interpupillary Distance 52 to 75mm
Diopter Adjustment +/- 7.2 D in both eyepiece tube
Optical System Greenough
Stand Type Double Arm Boom Stand with Tilt able Arbor
Base Dimensions 285 x 260 x 18mm
Stage Plate None
Pole/Track Height 380mm (14.96″)
Extension Post: 225mm (8.86″)
Accessories Included Dust Cover | Rubber Eye Guards | Tension Control Pin
Optional Accessories Auxiliary Lens: 0.75x, 1.6x and 2x
Eyepieces: 10x, 15x, 20x and 10x with Scale
Protective Lens Cover
Ring Light Adapter
Weight 65lbs
Package Contents Double Arm Boom Stand with arbor
Integrated LED Ring Light with Focus Mount 26200B-207
SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Binocular Body



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