SharpVue Inspection System

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SharpVue Inspection System combines advanced digital microscope technology with comfort and ease of use.  View crystal clear 1080p images on your HD monitor, reducing the eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional microscopes.  Includes imaging and measurement software.

Magnification:  Up to 30x optical and up to 300x digital.


Monitor not included




Sophisticated, Versatile & User Friendly

Aven’s SharpVue system was developed with the operator in mind.  It combines advanced digital microscope technology with comfort and ease of use.  View crystal clear 1080p images on your HD monitor, reducing the eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional microscopes.  Connect the SharpVue to your computer to take advantage of the exclusive imaging and measurement software.  Capture images, make annotations and measurements with ease.

Suitable for visual inspection of circuit boards, analysis of seeds and grains, automotive rework, inspection of metal parts and cutting tools, pharmaceutical lab work, forensics and clinical applications and more.


Magnification Range

High magnification, exceptional clarity

The SharpVue features an auto focus HD camera with optical magnification of up to 30x and digital up to 300x.  Produces stunning high quality HD images without any distortion or delay with excellent depth of field.

HDMI and USB outputs


Featuring both USB and HDMI outputs,  the SharpVue is the most versatile digital microscope system in it’s class.  View sharp images on your HD monitor, or use the USB output to connect a PC to utilize SharpVue’s imaging and measurement software.

Built-In Lighting

Built-in LED lighting provides even, shadow-free illumination.  

Working Distance

Featuring a working distance of 9 inches, the SharpVue is capable of inspecting objects large and small.

Imaging Software

Capture images, annotate, perform measurements, and share your documents with your team.  These files can be viewed, replayed and analyzed.

  • 720p Resolution
  • Image Capture
  • Freeze Frame
  • Max. Optical Zoom: 30x (up to 40x with optional 4D lens)
  • Manual / Auto Focus
  • IR Camera Mode
  • Grid Screen

Remote Control

The SharpVue remote control features clearly labeled buttons for easy access to the system functions.  ZOOM in and out, turn AUTOFOCUS on/off,  adjust BRIGHTNESS,  turn GRID MODE on, and more.

Customize your SharpVue

Customize your SharpVue with premium accessories.


  • User-friendly advanced microscopy system
  • Remote control included
  • HDMI and USB outputs
  • 1080p High Definition imaging on HD monitor
  • 720P resolution while using the SharpVue Imaging Software
  • Capture images, record video, make measurements and annotations.
  • Advanced menu system
  • Detailed examination of any area you choose


Weight 9.9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 6.7 × 13.77 in

1920 x 1080 (HD Monitor) / 1280 x 720 (Computer)


30x Optical / 300x Digital

Frame Rate

60 FPS

Operating Systems

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10




Built-in angled LED lighting

Monitor Size


Monitor Format Detect


Auto / Manual Focus


ESD Safe


Image / Video Capture

With computer or Aven's Image Capture Box

Package Contents

SharpVue Digital Microscope System
4' power cable
HDMI cable
USB cable
SharpVue Imaging Software

Professional Applications

Microscopes are required across many aspects of industry for inspection purposes. Products coming off electronic, agricultural, medical and automotive production lines need to be carefully scrutinized. Passports need to be manually looked at, PCB and IC’s need to be checked for integrity. And while machine vision can automate the rapid inspection of an ever-expanding spectrum of products, the majority industrial inspection applications still rely on a visual confirmation from a real human.

SharpVue For Automotive Industry

The assembly process for automotive parts involves both inspection for defects and verification of measurements. To handle the wide variety of parts in the automobile assembly process, visual inspection tools must have a wide magnification range. They should be able to focus on an extremely small area and magnify it while retaining sharpness and depth, all without distortion. They must also be able to look at all sides of each piece, preferably without moving the piece. The best inspection tools must be able to aim the magnifying element and the lights at a highly targeted area to minimize the effect of shadows on the inspection
process. This means the tool should ideally be able to view components on their horizontal as well as vertical axes. This can increase inspection throughput without reduction in efficiency and accuracy. The SharpVue Inspection System is ergonomically designed so operators do not have to hunch over a microscope or push their eyes into awkward and uncomfortable eyepieces. Users can sit comfortably and view results on large monitors, minimizing fatigue and reducing the chance of errors due to tiredness. This way of inspection also allows collaboration: Operators can share results on the screen, or can freeze and capture images.

SharpVue For Quality Control in Agriculture Industries

With a SharpVue digital microscope using sufficient magnification levels, operators can view seeds and grains in high magnification with extremely high image quality. This allows operators to quickly perform processes such as seed germination, testing and purity determination of a seed, grain test with wheat, barley or rye seeds – making it very easy to identify foreign varieties, mites or fungal diseases in your sample. Taking a picture requires only a single click and you will have the image documentation of the purity of your seed and grain test samples readily
at hand. When working with our systems, the image from the camera is shown on a screen, relieving your operators of unnecessary neck and shoulder pains, enabling them to work more efficiently. With SharpVue you have a partner for optimization of your quality processes. We offer you higher quality, enhanced productivity and equipment suitable for your staff.

SharpVue For Manual Visual Inspection in the Electronics Sector

SharpVue Inspection Systems are ideal for inspecting electronic components. The SharpVue’s 1080p autofocus camera, as well as the user-friendly interface makes inspecting small components stress-free. Viewing images on a monitor also gives you a great range of ergonomic advantages, avoiding neck and shoulder problems. SharpVue also allows operators to capture images on a PC. The SharpVue comes with imaging and measurement software, allowing users to capture images and make accurate measurements on directly from a computer. The measurement software also enables operators to measure basic geometric figures.
SharpVue is ideal for a variety of application areas within the electronics industries including  quality control, documentation, measurement, training, rework and repair of printed circuit boards.

SharpVue For Forensics

Forensic science gathers and examines information about the past. Technicians inspect fingerprints, signatures, crime scene details, hair samples, and other physical pieces of evidence. They also inspect currency to assess potential for counterfeiting. Most forensics is
done in a lab in highly rigid environments. Inspections must be detailed and consistent, to avoid having evidence compromised or dismissed. The SharpVue can be used to closely look at artifacts in order to look for defects, make measurements, save image files, and more.

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