ProVue SuperSlim LED Magnifying Lamp 8-Diopter

Product #: 26501-LED-8D

Price: $109.95

LED Magnification lamp with a 5″ 8 diopter round glass lens (3x magnification). New modern, SuperSlim design. Use the adjustment knob to set precise lamp positioning. Ultra-bright and energy efficient LED lights.


Efficient and Powerful

The innovative ProVue SuperSlim is an efficient and powerful magnification lamp. Featuring 60 energy-efficient LED lights for bright, shadow-free illumination for your work bench and a 5 inch round lens with a power of 8 diopter (3x magnification).

Innovative Design

    • 5 inch, 8-Diopter crystal-clear glass lens for distortion-free viewing
    • Fully covered spring balanced arm
    • Modern Super Slim design
    • Stylish stainless steel ring

Adjustable Spring Arm

  • Adjust the tension knob to set your position
  • Stays in place in any position
  • No exposed springs, free of pinch hazards

Lamp Rotation

  • Adjust the knob to set your position
  • Stays in place in any position
  • Pinch-free and no exposed wires

LED Lights

  • 60 SMD LED Lights provide bright, energy efficient illumination
  • 20,000 Hours of high output life


Mounting Clamp

  • Includes a heavy-duty mounting clamp
  • Clamp mounts directly to your work surface


  • Super-Slim Modern Design
  • Spring arm stays set in any position
  • 5″ 8 diopter round glass lens (3x Magnification) 
  • High intensity energy saving LEDs
  • Cool operating temperature
  • Exceptionally long LED element life (minimum 20,000 hours)
  • Ideal for assembly, workshop or inspection applications
  • Mounting Clamp allows for easy attachment to desk and bench tops


ProVue SuperSlim LED Magnifying Lamp 8-Diopter
LED Color 60 High Intensity White LED
Lighting Control On/Off 
LED life Minimum 20,000 hours
Arm Length max 36″ reach
Lens  5″ glass, 8 diopter (3x magnification)
Weight 6.7 lbs
Power 20V power adapter
Lumen  560Lm
Colour Temperature  6500K
Power Consumption  6W
Clamp Opening MAX 2.5 inch
Package Contents 1 ProVue SuperSlim LED, 1 Mounting Clamp, 1 power adapter
Wattage 6W

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