Pole Stand with Focus Mount

Product #: 26800B-511

Price: $259.07

This lightweight and compact stand is ideal for examining small parts and where bench space is a premium. The package comes with rack and pinion focus mount with coarse focus knobs, and will accept 74mm microscope bodies. NOTE: This stand not suitable for SPZ Series microscopes with 0.5x lens as the vertical post is not long enough to accommodate the working distance.


Pole Stand with Focus Mount

The sleekly designed, compact stand has a base size of 220mm x 284 x 15mm, a vertical post length of 255mm, and can be used with the SSZ, SPZ, DSZ, and NSW series. The rack-and-pinion focus mount is 74 mm in diameter and provides fine focus adjustment.

Save Bench Top Space

Lightweight and compact, this stand will fit easily into your work area. ¬†Features a sturdy base, focus mount and 9.84″ post.

Focus Mount

  • Easily fasten the focus mount to the pole with the fastener knob.
  • Easy focus adjustment with the rack and pinion coarse focus knobs



  • Light weight compact stand
  • Ideal for examining small parts
  • Saves bench space
  • Comes with rack & pinion focus mount with course adjustment knobs


Pole Stand with Focus Mount
Base Size 220mm x 284mm x 15mm
Vertical Post Length 250mm
Mounts Accepted SCW-PA
Accepted Bodies SSZ, SPZ, DSZ and NSW series
Package Contents One Stand with Post and Focus Mount
Weight 8 LBS


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