OptiVue Headband Magnifier – 2.5x

Product #: 26225

Price: $11.88

Optivue headband magnfier with 2.5x lens for close up hand free viewing


OptiSight Headband Magnifier

Optivue magnifying visor provides hands-free magnification for more accurate and efficient viewing. The visor tilts up for normal viewing, or down for magnification. Comes with a 2.5x crystal clear acrylic lens. Flexible frame shapes easily to properly fit any size head.


  • Provides hands-free magnification
  • Visor tilts up for normal viewing
  • Includes 2.5x crystal clear acrylic lens
  • Adjustable headband fits any size


OptiVue Headband Magnifier – 2.5x
Magnification 2.5X
Weight 0.25 lb


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