Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope
Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope
Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope
Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope
Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope
Mighty Scope 5M USB Digital Microscope

Mighty Scope HD Digital Microscope with 1080p HDMI Output

Product #: 26700-230

Price: $395.00

Aven’s Mighty Scope HD Digital Microscope connects directly to an HD monitor for 1080P HD imaging – no computer required.  Features 3x~270x magnification (Based on 24″ Screen), an HDMI Video Output, white LED illumination and built-in menu options.  Includes built-in buttons for digital zoom (up to 2x of on-screen image) and freeze frame. Adjustable metal stand is included.





Connect Directly To Your HD Monitor

Aven’s Mighty Scope HD has an HDMI output that connects directly to an HDTV or monitor via the included HDMI Cable. Compact and handy, the scope can be used mounted on the included stand or handheld, and produces clear, crisp, high-quality images. Magnification is easily controlled by moving the Mighty Scope in relation to the object being viewed. A large focus control knob and a built-in LED brightness control wheel provide easy and consistent lighting and focusing adjustments.   Built-in menu options control on-screen settings.  The Mighty Scope HD is ideal for applications where PC use is not feasible, such as workbenches with space limitations and assembly lines.


Wide Magnification Range

High magnification, exceptional HD clarity

3x-270x magnification (based on a 24″ HD monitor)  View incredible details in 1080p HD, 60 frames per second.

Easy HDMI Connection


The Mighty Scope HD includes an HDMI cable to connect to any HD monitor.  Easy plug-and-play.

Built-In Features

Built-In Features

  • Zoom Button:  Increases the digital zoom up to 2x magnification of the on-screen image
  • Freeze Button: Pauses the video image
  • Light Adjustment Knob: Controls the illumination of 6 onboard SMD LED lights
  • Focus wheel with adjustment markers:  Allows users to obtain a crisp, focused image.


Easy-Access Menu Buttons

Menu options include:

  • Brightness – adjusts the brightness of the brightness of the screen
  • Contrast – adjusts the screen detail
  • Sharpness – adjusts the level of screen noise
  • Hue – adjusts the color balance of the screen


Control your illumination

Built-in dimmer control adjusts the brightness of 6 energy-efficient LED lights.  Select the ideal brightness intensity.



Fully Adjustable Stand

Position adjustment
Angle Adjustment
Fine Focus Adjustment
  • Fine focus adjustment
  • Fasten along any position on the post for the preferred working distance
  • Simple angle adjustment


Customize your Mighty Scope HD

Aven offers a variety of stands to customize your Mighty Scope HD inspection system.  Inspect from more positions, angles and working distances with these add-ons
Mighty Scope Flex Stand

This flexible 354mm (14″) Gooseneck Arm allows you to position the Mighty Scope at any angle. Includes the base plate, gooseneck arm, Mighty Scope holder and Velcro for wire management. The stand features a sophisticated design that is effective and versatile as it is elegant.

Mighty Scope Boom Stand

This boom stand is specially designed for the Mighty Scope to provide clear images at various heights and angles while inspecting the object, and is elegantly designed for convenience, effectiveness, and durability. Additionally, this stand prevents vibrations and shaking while in use.

SharpVue Tilt Table

For perfect angling of the object you are working on under the Mighty Scope HD system.  Requires the Might Scope Flex Stand or the Mighty Scope Boom Stand to give appropriate working distance.




  • Easy to use 6-LED compact & handy analog microscope with HDMI output
  • High resolution magnification at your fingertips
  • Detailed examination of any area you choose
  • Active Pixel Technology produces sharp images and accurate color reproduction
  • LED’s can be turned on or off with brightness control wheel on the body


Weight 1.55 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 8.5 × 2.25 in
Image Sensor

1/4" Color Sensor

Effective Pixels


Video Format Streaming

1080p @60FPS

Gain Control


White Balance


Signal output

HDMI (HD monitors only. Not compatible with computers)

Power Source

Power Adapter (%V-2A) with USB OUT port

Power Consumption

5V/470 mA


Max 270x (Optical Zoom), 540x (Digital Zoom), Based on 24” Full HD Monitor

Working Distance

10x (184mm)
30x (65mm)
50x (41mm)
100x (23.5mm)
270x (12mm)

Field of View

10x (19.8°)
30x (17.6°)
50x (15.9°)
100x (12.7°)
270x (7.6°)


CE, FCC and RoHS

Package Contents

Mighty Scope HD, HDMI Cable, Metal Stand with 6" post, Power Adapter, User Guide


PDF Flyer


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