Mighty Scope 5M Polarizer

Product #: 26700-217

Price: $50.52

This polarizer for 5M Mighty Scope helps to reduce glare and hot spots, and enhance contrast. Not recommended for 500x Mighty Scope.


Mighty Scope 5M Polarizer

Enhance contrast.  Reduce Glare.

Add this option to your Mighty Scope to reduce glare from highly reflective surfaces and enhance contrast. Recommended for our 5M Mighty Scope (26700-209)



  • Reduces glare & hot spots from highly reflective surfaces
  • Enhances contrast

Dimensions/CAD Drawing

Dimension: mm


Mighty Scope 5M Polarizer
Diameter 39mm
Material Plastic
Post Height 300mm
Fine Adjustment Travel 170mm
Weight 0.1
Package Contents Mighty Scope 5M Polarizer


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