ESD Safe SPZV-50E Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope on Stand PLED

Product #: 26800B-376-ESD

Price: $2,229.95

SPZV-50E Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope 6.7x to 50x, max 200x with optional lenses on stand PLED with 60 eco friendly LED lights with dimmer. Attach any C or C/S mount camera to the trinocular port to view images on a monitor.  Focus mount has coarse and fine focusing for precise control. Large 200 x 284mm base. Compact footprint helps save bench space.  ESD Safe coating protects sensitive components from electrostatic discharge.

System Components:
SPZV-50E Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope | ESD Safe PLED Stand 26800B-514-ESD


ESD Safe SPZV-50E Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope on Stand PLED

High-grade optics and ESD Safe design

Dimmable ring light with 60 LEDs is built in

This inspection and laboratory microscope offers a best-in-class zoom ratio with sharp 3D images, wide field of view and large working distance. Unibody construction and multi-coated optical components assure excellent contrast and definition of 3D images from edge to edge. A 60-LED ring light with a dimmer control is built into the focus mount, which has coarse and fine focusing for precise control.

Features an ESD Safe coating, protecting sensitive components from electrostatic discharges.

The SPZV-50 includes a C-Mount camera port.  Compatible with any C-Mount inspection camera.

Wide Magnification Range

An impressive magnification range of 6.7x to 50x deliver excellent clarity, resolution, and depth of field with accurate, lifelike color reproduction.   

Superior Optics

At 45-degrees, the Standard High Eye Point Wide Field 10x Eyepieces ensure comfortable viewing for all operators, including those who require eyeglasses. Diopter Adjustment on both Eyepiece Tubes and an Adjustable Interpupillary Distance of 1.96” (50mm) to 2.91” (74mm) provides operators with even more flexibility in their individual applications.


Adjustable Zoom Knob

An adjustable zoom knob further enhances your precision work experience. The graduations on the zoom knob tell operators the exact magnifications at which they are working, which is useful when specific adjustments are required.

Stand with Built-In LED Ring Light

Aven’s Stand PLED features a rack-and-pinion focus mount (74mm in diameter) and 60 built-in eco-friendly LEDs with a dimmer control. Compact enough for limited work bench space, the system’s base measures at 220mm x 284mm x 15mm (8.7in x 11.2in x 0.59in.) The stand’s post is 255mm (10in) tall.


Brightness Adjustment

The stand’s built-in dimmer is an ideal design for examining small parts, and for environments where bench space is a premium. The energy-saving daylight 60 LED ring light with a dimmer control built into the focus mount significantly reduces power consumption, ensuring a flicker-free experience that lowers energy costs and enhances productivity.





  • ESD Safe coating protects sensitive components from electrostatic discharges
  • C-Mount camera port is compatible with any C-Mount camera
  • Superior optics and reliable mechanical components
  • Magnification: 6.7x to 50x
  • Magnification range with optional lenses: 6.7x to 200x
  • High eye point of 17mm for comfortable viewing, even for operators with eye glasses
  • Large zoom ratio gives this microscope exceptional versatility
  • Multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration
  • Crystal clear high resolution images
  • Pole stand with built-in 60 LED illumination with intensity control and coarse and fine focus
  • Large base: 220mm x 284mm


SPZV-50E Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope on Pole Stand w/ LED 
Illumination 60 White LED
Body Binocular
Eyepiece 10x Wide Field (FN: 23) 45° Inclined
Objective Lens 0.67x to 5.0x
Magnification 6.7x to 50x
Working Distance 108mm (4.25″)
Zoom Ratio 7.46:1
Field of View 34.3 to 3.6mm
Interpupillary Distance 52 to 75mm
Diopter Adjustment +/- 7.2 D in both eyepiece tube
Optical System Greenough
Stand Type Pole Type with built-in LED illuminator with dimmer control
Base Dimensions 220 x 284mm
Stage Plate None
Pole/Track Height 250mm (9.84″)
Accessories Included Dust Cover | Rubber Eye Guards | Tension Control Pin
Optional Accessories Auxiliary Lens: 0.75x, 1.6x and 2x
Eyepieces: 10x, 15x, 20x and 10x with Scale
Protective Lens Cover
Ring Light Adapter
Weight 15lbs
Package Contents SPZV-50E Body
Stand PLED 26800B-514


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