DSZ-70 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope on Stand P with LED FOI 

Product #: 26800B-344

Price: $2,021.79

Aven’s DSZ-70 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope comes with a magnification range of 20x to 70x, and is mounted on stand P with LED Fiber Optic Illumination.


DSZ-70 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope on Stand P with LED FOI 


This microscope system features premium optics and design for high-magnification inspection and laboratory applications. Unibody construction and multi-coated optical components assure excellent contrast and definition of 3D images from edge to edge. The lighting source is our energy-efficient, quiet fiber optic illuminator coupled to a 2.31″ ring light. The scope is mounted on a pole stand with a 220mm by 284mm (8.6” by 11”) base that provides a large working area for examining specimens or parts.

Wide Magnification Range

This powerful microscope has a magnification range of 20x to 70x.

Powerful Eyepieces

10x Eyepieces ensure comfortable viewing for all operators, including those who require eyeglasses. Diopter Adjustment on both Eyepiece Tubes and an Adjustable Interpupillary Distance of 52mm to 75mm provides operators with even more flexibility in their individual applications.

Durable Stand

The package includes Aven’s Pole Stand with Focus Mount. The sleekly designed, compact stand has a base size of 220mm x 284 x 15mm, a vertical post length of 255mm, and can be used with the SSZ, SPZ, DSZ, and NSW series. The rack-and-pinion focus mount is 74 mm in diameter and provides fine focus adjustment.


Energy Saving LED Fiber Optic Illuminator with Ring Light

Harnessing the power of the industry’s highest performing high-output LED’s and ideal for examining shiny parts, the ProLux LED is as bright or brighter than traditional illuminators, making it a viable alternative to existing halogen technology. Designed for optimal thermal management to maximize reliability and optical performance, the ProLux LED provides exceptional stability, uniformity and a more consistent color temperature than traditional EKE light sources. Standard 0.625″ Nosepiece Insert included.

Adjustable Zoom

Graduations on the zoom knob tell operators the exact magnifications at which they are working. For applications requiring very specific adjustments, this is a particularly convenient feature.


  • High power magnification range: 20x to 70x
  • Superior optics and reliable mechanical components
  • Magnification range with optional lenses: 10x to 224x
  • Multi-coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration
  • Crystal clear high resolution images
  • Pole stand with large base: 220 x 284mm
  • Energy efficient high output LED fiber optic illuminator with ring light


DSZ-70 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope on Pole Stand with LED FOI
Illumination LED Fiber Optic Illuminator with Ring Light
Body Binocular
Eyepiece 10x Wide Field (FN: 20) 45° Inclined
Objective Lens 2.0x to 7.0x
Magnification 20x to 70x
Working Distance 80mm (3.15″)
Zoom Ratio 3.5:1
Field of View 10 to 2.8mm
Interpupillary Distance 52 to 75mm
Diopter Adjustment +5.6D – 7.2D on both eyepieces tubes
Optical System Greenough
Stand Type Pole
Base Dimensions 220 x 284mm
Stage Plate None
Pole/Track Height 250mm (9.84″)
Accessories Included Dust Cover | Rubber Eye Guards | Tension Control Pin
Optional Accessories Auxiliary Lens: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.6x
Eyepieces: 10x, 15x, 20x and 10x with Scale
Protective Lens Cover
Ring Light Adapter
Weight 15lbs
Package Contents DSZ-70 Binocular Microscope Body
Stand P 26800B-511
Prolux LED Fiber Optic Illuminator 26200A-300
Ring Light 26200A-402
Ring Light Adapter 26800B-460



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