DSZ-70 – Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

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Provides crisp clear 3D images and a wide field of view. 20x to 70x continuous zoom with 10x eyepieces. Excellent for viewing small parts.

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DSZ-70 – Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

DSZ binocular stereo zoom microscopes offer superior quality optics and reliable mechanical components. This exceptional quality allows users to efficiently perform tasks and maintain high productivity. High precision optics ensures excellent contrast and definition 3D images from edge to edge. Magnification range from 5x to 224x with optional auxiliary lenses and eyepieces. A wide variety of stands and illumination is available to provide you with a microscope system to meet your individual requirements.

Wide Magnification Range

The DSZ-70 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope offers 20x to 70x continuous zoom with 10x eyepieces, making it an ideal and comfortable instrument for examining small parts. Magnification can be further enhanced with optional lenses.

High Eye Point

10x Eyepieces ensure comfortable viewing for all operators, including those who require eyeglasses. Diopter Adjustment on both Eyepiece Tubes and a highly Adjustable Interpupillary Distance of 52mm to 75mm provides operators with even more flexibility in their individual applications.

Adjustable Zoom Knob

Graduations on the zoom knob tell operators the exact magnifications at which they are working. For applications requiring very specific adjustments, this is a particularly convenient feature.


Choose your stand

Focus Mounts

Tiltable Arbor

If you selected a Boomstand or Articulating Arm Stand and Focus Mount 26800B-517 select the Tiltable Arbor. (Required to complete the system)

Ring Lights & Adapter

Choose your Illumination (Suitable for most applications). * NOTE - Not compatible with Pole, Track or Gem stands and requires Tiltable Arbor for all stands except 26800B-570

Fiber Optic Illumination

Choose your Illumination (Where high-intensity light is needed)


Choose Eyepieces to increase the magnification of the unit. (Microscope head includes 10X Eyepieces.)

Reticle Eyepieces

Do you need a scale overlay over the magnified object? All eyepieces are 10X. (Sold individually)

Auxiliary Lenses

Choose Auxiliary Lenses to increase or decrease the magnification.

Lens Cover

Do you need a Lens Cover to protect the microscope?

Eye Guards

Do you need another set of Eye Guards? (Microscope head includes one set.)


DSZ-70 – Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
Body Type Binocular, 360° rotatable, 45° inclined eyepiece tube
Eyepieces Two 10x(FN20)eyepieces. Optional: 15x(FN15), 20x(FN11.4) available to extend magnification range
Auxiliary lens 0.5x, 0.75x and 1.6 auxiliary lenses available to extend magnification range of microscope
Working Distance 80mm without auxiliary lens
120mm with 0.5x auxiliary lens
85mm with 0.75x auxiliary lens
41mm with 1.6x auxiliary lens
Zoom Ratio 3.5:1
Diopter Adjustment On both eye tubes: +5.6D-.72D
Interpupillary Distance Adjustable from 52 to 75mm
Optical System Greenough
Package Contents 1ea DSZ-70 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
2 ea. 10x Eyepieces
2 ea. Rubber Eyeguards
1 ea. Dust Cover
1 ea. Instruction Manual
Weight 5lb

Optical Data

Eyepiece | DSW10X (F.N. 20)
Auxiliary Lens Nil w/0.5x w/0.75x w/1.6x
Magnifications 20x-70x 10x-35x 15x-52.5x 32x-112x
Working Dist. 80mm 120mm 85mm 41mm
Field of View 10-2.8mm 20-5.7mm 20-5.7mm 6.2-1.7mm
Eyepiece | DSW15X (F.N. 15)
Auxiliary Lens Nil w/0.5x w/0.75x w/1.6x
Magnifications 10.05x-75x 5.02x-37.5xx 7.53x-56.25x 20.1x-150x
Working Dist. 80mm 120mm 85mm 41mm
Field of View 7.5-2.1mm 15-4.2mm 10-2.8mm 4.6-1.3mm
Eyepiece | DSW20X (F.N. 11.4)
Auxiliary Lens Nil w/0.5x w/0.75x w/1.6x
Magnifications 40x-140x 20x-70x 30x-105x 64x-224x
Working Dist. 80mm 120mm 85mm 41mm
Field of View 5.7-1.6mm 11.4-3.2mm 7.6-2.1mm 3.5-1mm


  • Zoom ratio: 3.5:1
  • Magnification range: 20x to 70x
  • Field of view 10mm to 2.8mm
  • Working distance: 80mm
  • Wide Field 10x Eyepieces (Field Number 20)


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