DSZ-44 Gemscope

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Aven’s Gemscope 100 consists of our DSZ-44 stereo zoom binocular body with 10x-44x magnification mounted on Aven’s Gemology Stand. Originally $2466.12.

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DSZ-44 Gemscope

Multiple Sources Illuminate Tiltable Stand

Stereo Zoom Binocular Scope

A magnification range up to 44x and bright lighting from multiple sources distinguish this specialized system for jewelers and gemologists. Upper and lower illumination assures bright, distortion-free surface and interior inspection of diamonds, other gemstones, crystals and jewelry-grade minerals.
A dimmable halogen lamp is supplemented by a halogen pipe light, as well as an independently controlled 9-watt fluorescent front light. Movable gem tweezers with two positioning posts hold specimens firmly on the right or left side of an adjustable iris diaphragm. The stand inclines up to 10 degrees. These features make the instrument ideal for examining gemstone inclusions, for precision grading and for appraisals.
Unibody construction of the DSZ-44 scope and its multi-coated optical components assure fine contrast and definition. Aven microscopes show the differences of Japanese-engineered instruments designed and manufactured to industry-leading standards. Single-barrel assembly, high-grade optical glass and a straight light path provide long durability, maximum clarity and undistorted views.

**Clearance items sold as is, no returns, no refunds.**


  • Independently controllable Fluorescent front light
  • Dimmable halogen pipe light with separate controls
  • 2 post positioning (right and left of iris) for the adjustable gem tweezer
  • Adjustable iris and light shutter in the iris
  • Stand can be inclined from 0-10°


DSZ-44 Gemscope
Magnification 10x to 44x (field of view : 20mm to 4.5 mm)
Objective Lenses 1.0x to 4.4x (zoom ratio : 4.4:1)
Eyepiece Wide Field 10x (DSW10x F.N.20)(field number : 20)
Optical Body 360° rotatable binocular, 45° inclined eyepiece tube
Working Distance 90mm (3.54″)
Interpupillary Distance 52mm to 75mm
Diopter Adjustment ± 5.6D – 7.2D on both eyepiece tubes & ± 8D on vertical tube
Front Light Fluorescent Lamp 9 W S/E 860 6500 K
Transmitted Light Halogen lamp 12V 20-25W w/dimmer
Single Light Guide (Halogen)
Fuse 250V 2A
Stage Plate Dark-field 42mm
Base 180mm x 265mm
Power cord VDE cord
Electrical Rating 110-220V 50Hz/60Hz
Stand Adjustment 0-10°
Height 400mm (15.75″)
Color White
Accessories Included Dust Cover | Rubber Eye Guards | Tension Control Pin | Spare fuse | Tweezer type III
Optional Accessories 0.5x Auxiliary Lens
0.75x Auxiliary Lens
1.6x Auxiliary Lens
10x Eyepieces with reticle scales
15x Eyepieces
20x Eyepieces
Weight 18 lb


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