Diffuser for Glare Reduction

Product #: 26200B-209DF2

Price: $14.95

Diffuser treated both sides for glare reduction.


This diffuser has been treated to reduce glare from shiny objects. Ideal when observing solder joints, metallic parts or shiny surfaces. Designed for Item 26800B-512 (Stand PLED) and 26200B-207 (Ring Light with Focus Mount).


  • Treated both sides to help reduce glare
  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Ideal for observing solder joints, metallic parts or shiny surfaces


Diffuser for Glare Reduction

Dimensions Outside Diameter:  107mm; Inside  Diameter: 69.8mm; Height 6.6mm
Weight 0.05 lbs
Package Contents Single Diffuser


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