Cyclops MACRO Digital Microscope + ZEN Mount & Dual LED Pipe Light

Product #: 26700-420-413

Price: $1,665.95

This Cyclops MACRO digital microscope connects directly to a monitor via an HDMI output, allowing operators to view high resolution images while looking straight ahead at a large screen in a comfortable posture.

The ZEN Mount adjustable camera stand is designed for versatility.  Featuring a twist lock to adjust the reach, arm angle, and camera angle, the ZEN Mount is an easy to use stand for any inspection application.


HDMI Output Provides High Definition Picture Quality

View your inspection on your HD monitor.  Reduce eye strain and neck fatigue.

Aven’s Cyclops Macro Digital Microscope combines ease of use with crystal-clear, superior optics.  This system utilizes a macro zoom lens, providing 3x – 43x magnification, based on a 24″ monitor.

Designed with the operator in mind, the Cyclops MACRO offers a sophisticated high magnification solution while allowing users to remain in a comfortable posture without the need to repeatedly look through narrow microscope eyepieces.

ZEN Mount is a stable and highly versatile lightweight, multi-angle, telescoping mount that offers optimal maneuverability.  The ball joint at the base of the mount provides limitless positioning options.  A second ball joint at the top of the stand can also be angled to virtually any position.  The ZEN Mount features a telescoping arm, with an extended reach of 12″-16″.

Designed For Versatility

By loosening the twist lock, the Zen arm can achieve a reach of 12″ – 16″


The ball joint rotates 360 degrees, an ideal feature for applications that require multiple inspection angles.


The ZEN Mount can be stationed at nearly any angle, providing limitless positioning options  This feature also makes it easy to place the stand out of the way when not in use, saving valuable work space.

HDMI Output

No Computer Required

View stunning high-resolution 1080p images at 60 FPS on any HD monitor. Reduce the fatigue associated with frequent microscope use.

Superior Optics

Macro zoom lens with 11-142mm field of view, 3x-43x magnification

Provides crystal-clear images directly to your HD monitor

Watch gears
PCB components
Small parts and connectors

Additional Post Stand Included

Additional Compact Metal Stand Included

In addition to the ZEN Mount, this system includes the basic Cyclops stand.  This compact metal stand features a fine focus mount which can be stationed at any point along the 11.5″ post.

Remote Control

Control Your Settings

Control the Cyclops’ features such as focus and lighting with the infrared remote control.

Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light with Magnetic Base and 4″ Table Clamp

Aven’s Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light is the most versatile work light available.  The flexible goosenecks provide limitless positioning options, ensuring that crucial illumination is available where needed.

Watch Video

  • Dual LEDs on flexible 17 inch goosenecks.
  • Built-in heavy-duty 4 inch table clamp mounts to the edge of any work bench
  • Dual magnetic bases attach to any magnetic surface
  • Focus rings on the LED lamps allow users to focus the lights as needed

Optional Image Capture Box

Save high resolution image and video files

Capture stunning photo and video files with the HDMI Image Capture Box.  A computer is not required to save the files, saving valuable work space.  The HDMI Image Capture Box is capable is saving files to either to either USB storage devices or SD cards.

Heavy Duty Table Clamp

Heavy Duty Metal Clamp

The included clamp secures to the edge of any counter, work bench, or table.  Max. opening: 3″


  • 2-megapixel sensor
  • HDMI output
  • LED illumination with intensity control
  • Large magnification range and long working distance
  • Infrared remote control for all major features
  • The ZEN Mount is designed for versatility. Inspect from nearly any angle
  • Twist lock is used to adjust the reach, arm position, and ball joint angle
  • Takes up minimum work space and can be positioned out of the way when not in use
  • Includes a heavy-duty metal adjustable table clamp: up to 3″ opening


Weight 3.55 lbs
Dimensions 15.2 × 8.34 × 2.5 in
Item #


Image Sensor

1/3” Color CMOS

Effective Pixels


Signal Output

HDMI 1920 x 1080

Frames Per Second



3x – 43x *(Based on a 24" Monitor)
(See Magnification Tables)

Gain Control


White Balance

Manual and Automatic

Power Source

DC 5V/2A input; Cable length 180cm

ZEN Mount Reach

12 inches – 16 inches

Table Clamp Opening

Max 3"

ZEN Screw Mount

Universal 1/4"

Cyclops MACRO Components

Cyclops MACRO Digital Microscope
Cyclops Basic Stand
HDMI cable, Power adapter, Metal stand
White balance card, Calibration scale

System Components

26700-420 – Cyclops HDMI Digital Microscope
26700-413 – ZEN Mount
26534 – Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light with Magnetic Base and 4″ Table Clamp


Optical Data

Working Distance
Focal Length1215202636121520263612152026361215202636
Field of View (mm)141.51158970.853.598806350.539564737.531242720151210.8
Magnification (x)


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