Combination Wrench Stainless Steel 3/8″

Product #: AVEN-21187-0308

Price: $28.09

Combination wrench stainless steel 3/8″. Length 5-11/16″


Combination wrench 3/8″ made from 304 series stainless steel. These wrenches can be autoclaved up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The open end is angled at 15 degrees and the other end is a 12 point box end that is offset at 15 degrees. Eliminates risk of ferrous contamination in the maintenance and operation of process equipment in clean rooms, food service and health care industries.


  • Made from 304 series stainless steel
  • Can be autoclaved to temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rust resistant, can help eliminate risk of ferrous contamination


Combination wrench stainless steel 3/8″
Overall Length 5-11/16″
Material 304 Series Stainless Steel
Angle 15°
Weight 1 lb


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