Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light : Unmatched Versatility

Aven’s Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light with Magnetic Base and 4” Table Clamp is designed for a broad range of applications: workshops, machining centers, warehouses, garages, science labs, factories, and home improvement. The 17” goosenecks bend easily to a countless amount of positions. Both lamps feature an adjustable focus ring, providing spot lighting as well as flush lighting. The On/Off switch can be used to toggle between the lamps for single or dual lamp illumination. Each lamp attachment feature offers extra flexibility with a built-in 4” table clamp to connect to the side of any work bench. The dual magnetic bases attach to any magnetic surface for limitless positioning.


  • Powerful, long lasting ultra-bright LEDs provide 500lm of flicker and ghost-free illumination
  • Two adjustable 17 inch goosenecks provide unlimited positioning options
  • LEDs can be adjusted for flush, even lighting – or pinpoint spot lighting
  • On/Off button toggles between the lamps for single-lamp or dual-lamp lighting
  • Magnetic bases are ideal for workshops, machining centers, garages, or other environments where metal surfaces are common
  • Built-in 4 inch table clamp attaches to most work benches, keeping the device still and secure.



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