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Choosing The Right Digital Inspection System

Choosing the right Digital Inspection system can be confusing. There are many different types of systems available today at price points ranging from $150 to over $10,000. It is important to clearly establish what functions you expect the system to perform and what you hope to accomplish with the system. For example, will this be used at a desk infrequently for quick inspection or in a quality lab to take measurements or on a production line to reduce eye fatigue or for a variety of different applications. Below are typical types of digital microscopes on the market today with typical applications.

USB Digital Microscope

These scopes are generally lower cost and provide quick magnification on a computer. Most come with software that allows you to capture images and perform basic measurement functions. General magnification ranges from 10x-50x.

Typical Applications: Spot Check Inspection and Measurement, Portable for Field Applications


Aven Mighty Scope

Dual HDMI & USB Output Scopes

These systems tend to be larger in size and higher in cost than a USB Digital Microscope. They allow the user the convenience of looking at an image directly on a HD Monitor without a computer, but also when needed a user can connect a computer to capture images and perform basic measurements.   Higher end systems like this may have an auto focus feature.

Typical Applications: Presentations/Classrooms, Quality Controls, Low Magnification Product Line work.

Example: Aven Cyclops

Auto Focus HDMI Systems

These systems are the most advanced and generally feature a high quality HD camera with nearly instantaneous auto focus. In most cases, systems of this type offer a greater working distance and ease of use to the operator. The high-end HD camera allows the operator to work at various magnifications without sacrificing working distance. Premium Auto Focus HD Systems also generally feature a USB output to connect to a computer. Typical Applications: Production lines, Quality Labs High Volume Quality Inspections and Documentation.

Example: Aven SharpVue


In addition to determining your requirements for an inspection system, it is also important to remember not all inspection systems are “one size fits all”. It is critical to work with an expert that has a diverse product offering to tailor a solution to fit your needs, whether in production, parts inspection, engineering or casual product review.