Binocular Zoom Microscope System with Coaxial LED Illumination

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SKU: 26800B-250

Excellent For Viewing Shiny and Reflective Items

  • LED Coaxial Illumination provides excellent contrast and outstanding depth of field
  • Trionocular port allows you to connect a camera. C mount adapter included. (camera optional)
  • Designed to be used for inspection of small deep holes, LCD defects, flat presswork or objects with shiny granular surfaces, objects with high and low reflectivity, etc


Includes MZDB1175BC (binocular)and MZDB1175BTC (trinocular). High-quality effect of coaxial illumination. The contrast, definition and depth of field are outstanding. In addition to equipped with coaxial illumination, also can equipped with LED ring illuminator. Video display and binocular eyepieces observation simultaneously, The image is erecting by eyepieces observation. Can connect to CCD (or CMOS) camera, digital camera or film camera. Specially used for inspect & measure bottom of small deep hole, defect of LCD, plane pressworks and other plane objects with high reflectivity & low reflectivity simultaneously.


Magnification Data
Eyepieces observing Magnification 11X~75X (with WF10X/22 eyepieces), the maximal magnification is 450X (with 30X eyepieces)
Zoom range 1.1X7.5X
WD 73mm
Eyetubes Binocular eyetubes inclined 45°
Illuminators Adjustable high brightness, long life LED coaxial illumination
Interpupillary distance adjustment range 52mm~76mm
Diopter adjustment range ±6 Diopter
Holder and main body matching dimension 45mm

Binocular eyepieces observation
EyepiecesItemsOptical Specification
10X/22Total Mag.11X~75X
15X/17Total Mag.16.5X~112.5X
20X/14Total Mag.22X~150X
30X/9Total Mag.33X~225X
Zoom body magnification range 1.1X7.5X

Video Display
CCD Adapter
Total Mag.0.55X~3.75X1.1X~7.5X
FOV(mm)6.55X8.73~0.96X1.28 3.27X4.36~0.48X0.64
Zoom body magnification range 1.1X7.5X

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