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Macro Vue Eidos Video Inspection System with Gliding Boom Stand

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Neck strain and eye fatigue are a common occurrence with modern microscopes and can make routine inspection challenging. Stay focused, reduce fatigue while saving valuable bench top space with Aven's all-in-one Macro Vue Eidos systems.

Exceptional Optics

Wide zoom range for general inspection and analysis. For optical data, review the Magnification Tables. 7x to 70x magnification

Digital Inspection Made Easy

Eliminates Body Fatigue and Eye Strain

Aven's Mighty Cam Eidos 5 mega-pixel camera with a built in 11.6-inch screen can be attached to a trinocular microscope or video lens with a C or CS mount. The camera features a 5M Sony sensor that provides stunning high-quality images for you to view on the built in 11.6” HD monitor. This eliminates the eye strain and body fatigue associated with frequent optical microscope use.

Capture Stunning Image/Video Files

No Computer Required

Save high-resolution image and video files directly to USB storage, with no need for a PC for image processing.

Monitor Tilt

The monitor is can be tilted to the ideal angle for optimal viewing.

HDMI Output

The Eidos features an HDMI output designed to connect to an external monitor. This allows operators to view live images on the built-in monitor, as well as an external monitor

Built-in measurement

The included computational imaging software provides users with more functions such as:

  • Callibration editor
  • Radius measurement
  • 2 point circle
  • 3 point circle
  • Crosshair
  • Line measurement tool
  • Center distance
  • Concentric circle tool
  • Annotation tool
  • Screen shot tool


  • All-in-one, compact system
  • 1080p Full HD Imaging at 60 FPS
  • HDMI Output for additional monitor viewing
  • Built-in measurement software - No PC required
  • Enhances productivity - eliminates eye strain and body fatigue
  • Long working distance
  • 11.6" built-in HD monitor
  • Save high resolution image/video files directly to USB Storage card
  • 1080p Full HD Output
  • Monitor can be tilted to the optimal viewing angle


  • Precision assembly applications
  • Quality control
  • Production applications
  • Electrical inspection
  • Medical device inspection
  • Aerospace
  • Educational applications
  • Research and Development



  • Improve inspection quality, reduce eye strain and fatigue
  • Space-saving standard stand with focus mount
  • Top-mounted adjustable Mighty Cam Eidos integrated 2M Camera / 11.6"; Monitor
  • Wide range zoom lens with adjustable iris, zoom and focus
  • 1080p color camera, 60 FPS with integrated software / USB image capture
  • LED Ring Light with brightness control for shadow-free illumination
  • Maximizes your bench top space with a unique compact design


Dimensions23" x 14" x 10.5"
Package Contents
  • 26100-260 - Mighty Cam Eidos
  • 26800B-556 - Ultra-Glide Arm Boom Stand
  • 26700-181 - Macro Zoom Lens
  • 26800B-430 - Lens Adapter
  • 26200B-211 - LED Ring Light
  • 26800B-518 - E-Arm Focus Mount

Category11.6" all-in-one monitor camera
Effective Pixels5M
Pixel Size2UM*2UM
Function Basic FunctionImage Capture, Video, Measurement
Image AdjustmentExposure, Color Temperature, White Balance
Camera FunctionMirror, Freeze, Flip. Wide Dynamic, Zoom In, Zoom Out
GridVertical/Horizontal Lines, Color/Size can be adjusted
AccessoryPower Adapter

Input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Output: DC-12V/2A
Wireless Mouse
Model #26100-181EffectiveFrontø30mm
Max. Magnification0.084x - 0.84xLens ApertureRearø6.6mm
Max. Aperture Ratio01:05.6Back Focal Length23.29mm
Max. Image Format6.4mm x 4.8mm(ø8mm)Flange Back Length17.526mm
Operation RangeIrisF5.6 - F32CMountC-Mount
Focus0.15m - 0.45mFilter SizeM46 P=0.75mm

Dimensionsø48mm x 98.5mm


Object Size(1/2 type CCD)Working152.4mm(6")92.2mm - 9.6mm(D) 74.6mm - 7.8mm(H) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(V)
Distance457.2mm(18")349.4mm - 34.6mm(D) 279.2mm - 28.0mm(H) 208.8mm - 21.2mm(V)
Object Size(1/3 type CCD)Working152.4mm(6")70.1mm - 7.3mm(D) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(H) 42.4mm - 4.4mm(V)
Distance457.2mm(18")261.6mm - 26.4mm(D) 208.8mm - 21.2mm(H) 156.2mm - 16.0mm(V)
Object Size(1/4 type CCD)Working152.4mm(6")53.0mm - 5.6mm(D) 42.4mm - 4.4mm(H) 31.8mm - 3.4mm(V)
Distance457.2mm(18")208.8mm - 21.2mm(D) 156.2mm - 16.0mm(H) 117.0mm - 12.0mm(V)
Angle of ViewD1/2 type21.6° - 4.5°1/3 type17.0° - 3.3°1/4 type13.0° - 2.5°
H18.0° - 3.6°13.8° - 2.7°10.6°- 2.0°
V13.8° - 2.7°10.6° - 2.0°8.0° - 1.5°
Operating Temperature-20°C - +50°C

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