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Digital Microscope Mighty Cam ES [7x-70x] Macro Lens with Ultra Glide Stand

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All-In-One Inspection

Streamlined and Efficient

The Mighty Cam ES is a streamlined HDMI/USB camera designed for quick and accurate inspection.  View 1080p live images on your HD monitor, or utilize the advanced measurement software on your PC.  Capture true-to-life images and videos directly to the SD Card or on your PC. The 5mp HD image sensor provides detailed images with true-to-life color reproduction.

HDMI Mode: Image/Video Capture

No Computer Required

The HDMI mode provides features that typically require operators to connect their camera to a computer.

  • Save image/video files directly to an SD card
  • Write on-screen notes and save them as image files
  • Grid overlays
  • Image review
  • And More

USB Mode – Advanced Imaging / Measurement Software Included

The Mighty Cam ES also features a USB output for computer connectivity. The included software package features advanced capabilities exclusive to USB mode

  • Photo Stitching Mode – create large panoramic images by “stitching” them together. The advance software detects and continuously builds an image as an object is moved beneath the camera's lens. For best results, it is recommended that operators use a gliding stage when using this mode.
  • Image Capture – Save high-resolution image/video files to your PC
  • Measurement Tools – Calibrate and execute accurate measurements with a large selection of line, shape, angle, and grid tools.



  • 1080p Full HD Imaging at 60 FPS
  • USB output connects to PC
  • Advanced imaging/measurement software included
  • Enhances productivity - eliminates eye strain and body fatigue
  • Long working distance
  • 22" HD Monitor Included
  • Save high resolution image/video files directly to SD card
  • Includes a ball joint mount for 360 degree camera rotation.


  • Precision assembly applications
  • Quality control
  • Production applications
  • Electrical inspection
  • Medical device inspection
  • Aerospace
  • Educational applications
  • Research and Development

Precision Engineered Macro Lens

The macro lens included with this system offers unsurpassed clarity and parfocal zoom capabilities. Provides manual adjustment of focal length, iris and focus. Lens has a C-mount and working distance of 6" to 18"

Ultra Glide Arm Stand

This gliding arm stand with a heavy metal base is an excellent device for inspection applications that require magnification adjustment and the ability to move easily across a specimen.

Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light

This versatile task light features two ultra-bright LEDs on flexible goosenecks.  This light can be securely mounted to a table with it's built-in table clamp.  It also features dual magnetic bases for attachment to metal surfaces. Includes a power adapter, a AA battery adapter, and an adapter for a 26650 style lithium ion battery (Batteries Not Included)

360 Ball Joint

Rotate and tilt the camera to the ideal position. Inspect from nearly any angle.

Optional Tilt Table (Sold Separately)

Enhance your inspection process with this optional add-on.

This tilt table is ideal for finding the right angle to inspect from. The table plate is covered with an ESD-Safe material that prevents static damage to the object you are inspecting and also keeps it in place. Includes a metal height adjustment base.
  • Camera features HDMI and USB outputs
  • Inspect directly on an HD monitor or from a computer
  • Advanced imaging/measurement software included
  • 7x - 70x magnification at a 6 inch working distance
  • Includes Aven's Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light, 22" HD monitor
Mighty Cam ES Digital Microscope, Macro Lens with Ultra Glide Stand [7x-70x]
Package ContentsMighty Cam ES (26100-259)
Ultra Glide Arm Stand (26800B-556)
Computar Macro Lens (26700-181)
Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light (26537)
22" HD Monitor (26700-406)
1/4-20" Camera Mount Post (26800B-600)
360 Swivel Ball Joint (26700-412)

Model:Mighty Cam ES
Sensor Type:CMOS
Sensor Model:ON MT9P001I12STC
Array Diagonal:7.13mm
Resolution:2MP, 2592(H)x1944(V)
Pixel Size:2.2μm x 2.2μm
Effective area:5.7mm x 4.3mm
Shutter Mode:Rolling
Frame Rate:15fps@USB2.0, 30fps@HDMI
Exposure Time:1ms-2s
SD Format:FAT32
Color Temperature:1800-10000K
Software:HDMI: Cloud 1.0 Ver; USB: Mosaic V2
HDMI Key Settings:Preview: 1920x1080; Capture: 2592x1944; Vedio recording: 15fps@1920x1080
Multiple Cameras:Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
Optical Interface:Standard C Mount
Dimensions:90.7mm x 74mm x 67.2mm
Data Interface:HDMI, USB2.0, SD card
Operating Environment:Temperature: -10~45℃; Humidity: 10%~85%
Operating System:Windows 7/10 (32 Bit/64 Bit)/Mac
PC configuration: CPU:Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core); RAM: 8G or more

Ultra-Glide Boom Stand w/Heavy Metal Base
Base Size15" x 10.5"
Base Weight35 lbs
Vertical Post Length13.5"
Vertical Post Diameter37.2mm
Extension Post Length225mm
Horizontal Arm Length23"
Focus Mount Hole Diameter15.875mm (5/8")
Mounts AcceptedSCW-PA focus mount with tiltable arbor 26800B-521 or E-Arm
Accepted BodiesSSZ, SPZ, DSZ and NSW series
Package Contents
  • One boom stand with metal base
  • Users manual

26537 Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light

Weight1.9 lbs
Dimensions2 × 3.5 × 25 in
Color Temperature7500-8500K.
Gooseneck Length17 inches
Table Clamp Opening4 inches max
Power SupplyInput: 110V/240V ~50/60Hz 0.2A
Output: 5V 1000mA
Battery Support– Rechargeable Li-ion battery style 26650 5000mAH (not included)
– 3 AA batteries (not included)
Package Contents26534 Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light with Magnetic Base and 4″ Table Clamp, Power Supply, Lithium-Ion Battery Adapter, AA Battery Adapter

22" LCD Monitor
Screen / Monitor Size22" LCD Monitor
Display Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Input Voltage12V DC
Weight14.6 lb
Model #26100-181EffectiveFrontø30mm
Max. Magnification0.084x - 0.84xLens ApertureRearø6.6mm
Max. Aperture Ratio01:05.6Back Focal Length23.29mm
Max. Image Format6.4mm x 4.8mm(ø8mm)Flange Back Length17.526mm
Operation RangeIrisF5.6 - F32CMountC-Mount
Focus0.15m - 0.45mFilter SizeM46 P=0.75mm
  Dimensionsø48mm x 98.5mm
Object Size(1/2 type CCD)Working152.4mm(6")92.2mm - 9.6mm(D) 74.6mm - 7.8mm(H) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(V)
Distance457.2mm(18")349.4mm - 34.6mm(D) 279.2mm - 28.0mm(H) 208.8mm - 21.2mm(V)
Object Size(1/3 type CCD)Working152.4mm(6")70.1mm - 7.3mm(D) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(H) 42.4mm - 4.4mm(V)
Distance457.2mm(18")261.6mm - 26.4mm(D) 208.8mm - 21.2mm(H) 156.2mm - 16.0mm(V)
Object Size(1/4 type CCD)Working152.4mm(6")53.0mm - 5.6mm(D) 42.4mm - 4.4mm(H) 31.8mm - 3.4mm(V)
Distance457.2mm(18")208.8mm - 21.2mm(D) 156.2mm - 16.0mm(H) 117.0mm - 12.0mm(V)
Angle of ViewD1/2 type21.6° - 4.5°1/3 type17.0° - 3.3°1/4 type13.0° - 2.5°
H18.0° - 3.6°13.8° - 2.7°10.6°- 2.0°
V13.8° - 2.7°10.6° - 2.0°8.0° - 1.5°
Operating Temperature-20°C - +50°C   

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