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Digital Microscope Cyclops 3.0 [13x-140x] with Post Stand w/ Gooseneck LEDs and LED Back Light

SKU 26700-423-505
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Over-Engineered, Not Overpriced

This innovative digital microscope connects directly to a HD monitor as well as to a computer.  Magnification ranges up to 140x. Image capture software provided with Cyclops includes measurement and editing tools. This breakthrough instrument increases accuracy and productivity while easing eye strain and user fatigue – valuable benefits in high-volume applications, such as parts inspection in assembly operations.


USB Mode - Advanced measurement software

In USB mode, operators utilize the advanced imaging software to view live images, capture image and video files, make accurate measurements, annotate, time-lapse photography and more. To learn more about the Cyclops 3.0 software, please refer to our user guide or our operations video


Flexible Gooseneck LEDs

Two 14.5" flexible gooseneck LEDs can be positioned where needed for optimal illumination.

LED Back Light


The LED back light provides bright illumination below the specimen being observed, ideal for looking at slides or other translucent objects.

A solid LED cover is also included for applications that do not require an LED back light.

  • Advanced measurement software included
  • Crystal-clear 1080p full HD
  • 13x-140x magnification
  • Crystal Clear 1080p resolution
  • View high definition live images with no computer required
  • Compact/convenient stand with dual gooseneck LEDs
Digital Microscope Cyclops 3.0 [140x] with 4x Lens with Ultra Glide Stand
System Contents
  • 26700-423: Cyclops 3.0 Digital Microscope
  • 26800B-505: Post Stand with Gooseneck LEDs
  • 26700-412: 360 Ball Joint

26700-423 Cyclops 3.0 Digital Microscope
CMOS Sensor2 million pixels CMOS sensor
LensObject lens 4X: 4/0.10,160/0.17
MagnificationObject lens 4X: 13x~140x
Auxiliary sourceWhite LED × 30pcs
DC portAdaptor DC Input
HDMI portOutput 1080P(1920*1080 Pixel) image
Focus controlIR remote control
Power supplier(Output:DC 5.0V/2.0A Input:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz)
Power Consumption (A/C) 1.6A(Max)
Size 106(L)×106(W)×152(T) mm
Weight.7 lb
Operation environmentTemperature -5℃ ~ 50℃; Humidity-lower than 85% (No Condensation)
Package ContentsCyclops 3.0 |
HDMI Cable |
USB-C Cable |
Power adaptor |
S107 Stand |
Stand assemble guide |

26800B-505 Post Stand With Flexible Gooseneck LEDs and LED Back Light
Part #26800BB-505
Dimensions11.02 x 8.07 x 12.2 inch
Weight3.45 lb
Package Contents• 26800B-505 Digital Microscope Stand
• Frosted diffuser back light plate
• Dual-sided back plate
• 5’ Power Cable
4X object lens, focus distance from 22mm~214mm(0.866~8.425inch)
4X object lens on 24” (Reference data)
Focus section123456789
Sensor position162015951565152014551420137513501315
Mag. (X)

Focus section101112131415161718
Sensor position1280124011901130109510551015965910
Mag. (X)40.844.248.353.155.95962.566.470.8

Focus section19202122232425
Sensor position85077569559547533015060
WD (mm)3936.533.53128.5262322
Mag. (X)75.981.788.596.6106118133140

10X object lens, focus distance from 6.3mm~10mm(0.248~0.393inch)
10X object lens on 24” (Reference data)
Focus section123456789
Sensor position17901725165015651475137512651135985
WD (mm)
Mag. (X)231242253266280295313332354

Focus section1011121314

Sensor position81562540013545

WD (mm)7.376.76.46.3


Mag. (X)380409443483497

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