Introducing Aven’s In-X Magnifying Lamp with Interchangeable Lenses

Aven’s In-X redefines what is possible with a magnifying lamp. This patent-pending, cutting edge lamp is designed to greatly expand the magnification range beyond what a standard magnifying lamp can offer by accommodating multiple lenses. The exclusive lenses are designed for easy lens exchange with no tools required.

The crystal-clear In-X lenses ensure that operators will see intricate details clearly and without distortion. Now it is easy to choose the correct magnification for your applications without needing extra lamps on hand.

The In-X Lamp comes with one interchangeable 5 diopter glass lens (2.25x magnification). Additional 8 diopter (3x magnification), 12 diopter (4x magnification) and 15 diopter (4.75x magnification) lenses are available and sold separately. The In-X also retains many popular magnifying lamp features, such as a fully enclosed spring balanced arm, adjustable ultra-bright SMD LEDs, and a swivel motion lamp head with tension knob for precise positioning.


For more information, call (734) 973-0099 or see the In-X and its lenses on our website:

In-X Interchangeable Magnifying Lamp with 5 Diopter Lens