SPZT-PFM Stereo Zoom True Trinocular Microscope with PFM Stand

Product #: SPZT-PFM

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SPZT-PFL True Trinocular Microscope with 10x Eyepieces and 9w Fluorescent Light.


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Stereo zoom, true trinocular SPZT-50 microscope with two 10x magnification eyepieces and c-mount trinocular port for inspection cameras.  Includes a PFM microscope stand with a 9w fluorescent bulb for shadow-free illumination.


  • SPZT-50 Stereo zoom, true trinocular microscope
  • C-mount for inspection cameras included
  • Superior optics and reliable mechanical components
  • Magnification Range: 6.7x to 50x
  • Stand with 9w fluorescent light for shadow-free illumination
  • Compact design saves bench space


SPZV-50 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope on Pole Stand 
Illumination 9w Fluorescent
Body True Trinocular
Eyepiece 2 10x eyepieces included
Magnification 6.7x to 50x
Stand Type PFM stand with 9w Fluorescent Light
Base Dimensions 220 x 284mm
Stage Plate None
Pole/Track Height 250mm (9.84″)
Accessories Included 2 10x eyepieces, trinocular port
Weight 25lbs
Package Contents SPZT-50 Body
PFM Stand with 9w fluorescent light
2 10x eyepieces
1 c-mount trinocular port


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