SPZHT-135 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope

Product #: SPZHT-135

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SPZHT-135 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope, 21x to 135x continuous zoom magnification with 15x eyepieces. Click stop zoom adjustments. One touch fine focus trinocular camera port adjustment.

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SPZH-135 Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope

21x to 135x makes this system ideal for high magnification applications

The ideal scope for a wide range of investigative/inspection applications, Aven’s dynamic new microscope SPZH-135  extends the boundaries of stereo zoom microscopy, employing standard 15X eyepieces to achieve 21x to 135x continuous zoom magnification all the while providing a continuous working distance of 3.3” (84mm). Replacing the standard 15X eyepieces with our DHW20X eyepieces enhances the magnification range of this dynamic new microscope further – 28X to 180X. Having eyepieces set at a 45 degree angle, the adjustable interpupillary distance between eyepieces of 1.96” (50mm) to 2.91” (74mm) means they can be set to the comfort level of any user.

Inspection Camera (+$0.00)


Choose your stand

Focus Mounts

HD Monitor

For use with HDMI Mighty Cam Cameras

Monitor Mounts

For use LCD HD Monitors. Includes heavy-duty table clamp

Tiltable Arbor

If you selected a Boomstand or Articulating Arm Stand and Focus Mount 26800B-517 select the Tiltable Arbor. (Required to complete the system)

Ring Lights & Adapter

Choose your Illumination (Suitable for most applications). * NOTE - Not compatible with Pole, Track or Gem stands and requires Tiltable Arbor for all stands except 26800B-570

Fiber Optic Illumination

Choose your Illumination (Where high-intensity light is needed)


Choose Eyepieces to increase the magnification of the unit. (Microscope head includes 10X Eyepieces.)

Reticle Eyepieces

Do you need a scale overlay over the magnified object? All eyepieces are 10X. (Sold individually)

Auxiliary Lenses

Choose Auxiliary Lenses to increase or decrease the magnification.

Lens Cover

Do you need a Lens Cover to protect the microscope?

Eye Guards

Do you need another set of Eye Guards? (Microscope head includes one set.)


SPZHT-135 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope
Body Trinocular
Eyepiece 15x Wide Field inclined at 45 Degree
Magnification 21x to 135x, Max 180x with 20x eyepieces
Working Distance 84mm (3.3”)
Interpupillary Distance 50mm(1.96”) to 74mm (2.91”)
Diopter Adjustment +5.6D-7.2D on both eyepieces
Trinocular Port One touch easy adjust fine focus
Optical System Greenough
Weight 15lbs
Package Contents

SPZHT-135 Trinocular Body
 15x Eyepieces          


    • Total Magnification of 21X to 135X at 3.3” (84mm) working distance, Max 180X with 20X eyepieces
    • Click stop zoom adjustments for accurate, repeatable measurement
    • Standard High Eye Point wide field 15x eyepieces at 45 degrees for comfortable viewing even for operators with eyeglasses
    • Diopter adjustment on both eyepiece tubes
    • Adjustable Interpupillary Distance of 1.96” (50mm) to 2.91” (74MM) accommodates any operator
    • Multi coated optical components, free from chromatic and spherical aberration
    • One touch fine focus adjust trinocular camera port for quick, easy camera focusing and parfocaling the scope


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