Ring Light – Microscopes

Product #: 26200A-402

Price: $251.72

Fiber optic ring light 58.674mm (2.31″) diameter and 914.4mm (36in) long for mounting onto microscopes. Has 15.875mm (5/8″) adapter to fit most brands of fiber optic illuminators


Aven’s fiber optic ring lights are made from high quality glass fiber which allows maximum light transmission. Provides shadow free illumination and can be mounted on SSZ, SPZ, DSZ and NSW series microscopes with three thumb screws (included). An ring light adapter will be required for SPZ, DSZ and NSW series microscopes.


Ring Light _ Microscopes
Inner Diameter 58.674mm (2.31″)
Length 914.4mm (36″)
Adapter Diameter 15.875mm (5/8″)
Package Contents One ring light


  • High quality glass fiber
  • Provides 360° shadow free illumination
  • Large fiber bundle ensures maximum light transmission
  • Accepts polarizers
  • Comes with standard 15.875mm (5/8″) adapter


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