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Oblique Viewer

Product #: 26800B-485

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Attach the 3D Viewer to our SSZ and SPZ series microscopes and view your sample from all sides by simply turning the 3D viewer. Gives you a 3D perspective of the sample being viewed.

Orig. $771.05 **Clearance items sold as is, no returns, no refunds.**

The 3D viewer consists of two mirrors inclined at a 45° angle. Attaching the viewer to the microscope body and turning it allows you to view the object from all angles. Gives you a 3D perspective of the object and saves you time during inspection as you do not need to move the object. Just rotate the viewer around the object. Will work with Stand PLED, Boom Stands.

**Clearance items sold as is, no returns, no refunds.**


  • Enables viewing of object from all angles
  • Provides a 3D perspective of an object
  • Saves time during inspection
  • Works with Stand PLED and Boom Stands


Oblique Viewer
Diameter 2.08661″(53mm)
Length 3.0315″(77mm)
Mirrors 2 inclined at 45°
Bodies SSZ, SPZ and DSZ Series Microscopes
Package Contents One/Box


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