Micro Zoom Series 640 PK1

Product #: 26700-102-00

Price: $2,220.13

Micro Zoom Video Inspection System with VGA Color Camera and LED Illumination mounted on our Heavy Duty Post Stand and a 22″ LCD Monitor. Magnification range 28.5x to 190x with the 1X objective lens and 14.25x to 95x with the included 0.5x objective lens


Micro Zoom Series 640 PK1


Objects stay focused as magnification zooms to 190x

This micro system with a broad magnification range is ideal for small parts inspection. The zoom lens with detents is parfocal, so viewed objects stay in focus when switching from low to high magnification. No PC is needed for image processing.

The package includes a 1x coupler and 1x objective lens mounted on a post stand, as well as a rack and pinion focus mount with coarse and fine focus, CMOS 720p color camera with VGA output, and a LED ring light with intensity control. The screen is a 20″ LCD color monitor. Also included is a 0.5x objective lens to extended the working distance and field of view. With the 1x objective lens, this produces a magnification range of 28.5x to 190x at a working distance of 82mm.



  • Produces crisp clear images
  • White LED illumination with intensity control
  • Color camera with movable and switchable crosshairs
  • On screen menu for controlling color, contrast, white balance etc.
  • Compact system, helps save bench space


Micro Zoom Series 640 PK1
Lens System Micro Lens System 640 (0.6x to 4x) with Detents, 1x coupler and 1x Objective lens
Illumination White LED with Intensity Control
Camera Color CMOS 720P with VGA Output
Stand Heavy Duty Post Stand
On Screen Magnification 14.25x to 190x
Working Distance 82mm with 1x Objective Lens
175mm with 0.5x Objective Lens
Field of View 6 x 8 to 0.9 x 1.2mm with 1x Objective
12 x 16 to 1.8 x 2.4 mm with 0.5x Objective
Package Contents Micro Lens 640 with 1x Coupler and 1x Objective Lens 26700-151
0.5x Objective Lens (26700-162)
Focus Mount (26800B-517)
Adapter Plate (26700-151AP)
White LED Micro Lens Ring Light with Intensity Control (26200B-216)
Color VGA Camera with Power Supply (26100-252)
22″ LCD monitor with power supply and VGA cable (26700-402)
Heavy Duty Post Stand (26800B-570)


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