Micro Series FM123 PK4 Benchtop Measurement System

Product #: 26700-102-20

Price: $4,154.85

Micro Video Inspection System with HD Color Camera with Built in Measurement Software and USB port for saving images, White LED Fiber Optic Illumination mounted on our Heavy Duty Post Stand and a 22″ LCD Monitor. Magnification: 44.2x at Stop 1, 88.4x at Stop 2, 132.6x at Stop 3 and 176.9x at Stop 4


Micro Series FM123 PK4 Benchtop Measurement System

Measure small parts accurately and easily

4 lens settings for repeat calculations

A micro lens with four switchable magnifications (44x to 176x) is designed for field of view measurement. Calibrate once at each setting for precise, repeatable measurements. The object being viewed stays in focus when changing magnification.

Built-in software measures lines, distance, circles, arcs, squares, polygons, perimeters, angles and center-to-center distance with a mouse click. The camera’s USB port saves images and measurement details. Images can be processed without a PC. LED Fiber Optic illuminator has adjustable intensity control for precise illumination.

Micro Lens System FM123

Micro FM123 Lens system with four switchable lenses: 0.78x, 1.56x, 2.34x and 3.12x with 10x eyepiece


Mighty Cam HDMI

Aven HDMI Color Camera with 8 GB USB Flash Drive and built-in measurement software.

Mighty Cam HDMI (item # 26100-254).  Features built-in.  Pixel size - 2.75 x 2.75μm.
Features built-in USB drive for image capture.
macro vue
macro vue

Heavy Duty Post Stand

This stand features an aluminum powder coated base with 10 tapped holes to accept a riser plate to hold an x-y stage.

ProLux LED Fiber Optic Illuminatior

Energy saving LED fiber optic illuminator for microscopy and video inspection applications



  • Four switchable lenses for repeatable measurements
  • Produces crisp and clear images
  • White LED Fiber Optic Illumination
  • Color camera with USB mouse control and Built in Measurement Software
  • On screen menu for controlling color, contrast, white balance etc


Micro Series FM123 PK4 Benchtop Measurement System
Lens System Four switchable lens system: 0.78x, 1.56x, 2.34x, and 3.12x
Illumination White LED Fiber Optic with Intensity Control
Camera Color HD CMOS Camera with Built in SD Card, Measurement Software and HDMI Output
Stand Heavy Duty Post Stand
On Screen Magnification Stop 1: 44.2x
Stop 2: 88.4x
Stop 3: 132.6x
Stop 4: 176.9x
Working Distance 64.3mm
Field of View 6 x 4.5mm @ 0.78x
3 x 2.2mm @ 1.56x
2 x 1.5mm @ 2.34x
1.5 x 1.1mm @ 3.12x
Package Contents Micro Lens FM123 with 10x Eyepiece and C Mount Adapter (26700-185)
Focus Mount (26800B-517)
White LED Fiber Optic Illuminator (26200A-300)
Ring Light Fiber Optic (26200A-402)
Color HD Camera with Built in SD Card and Measurement Software (26100-254)
22″ HD LCD Monitor with power supply and HDMI cable (26700-402)
Heavy Duty Post Stand (26800B-570)



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