Micro Lens Video Inspection System with Aven 720p HDMI Color Camera and Pole Stand

Product #: CLR-2

Price: $750.00

Micro Vue Video Inspection System with Aven 720p HDMI Color Camera and Pole Stand. Inspect in high quality 720p high definition. **Clearance items sold as is, no returns, no refunds.**


Micro Lens Video Inspection System with Aven 720p HDMI Color Camera and Pole Stand


Superb Video Inspection

Equipped with Aven’s 2x magnification micro lens, a .5x magnification objective lens and a 1.3M Color CMOS USB camera, this system allows you to inspect at high magnification as well as capture stunning images to your PC.  Achieves a magnification range of 42x – 305x on a 21.5″ monitor with a 1 7/8″ working distance

Stunning HD Quality

Aven’s 720P HD Color Camera, complete Sony® 1/3″ CCD sensor and quick connection to a monitor / flat screen for image viewing, has a simple plug and play HDMI interface. The ultra fast refresh rate of up to 60fps, allows the user to manipulate the specimen without the image blur and delay common with other cameras. The crisp, true to life, images produce stunning color replication and geometry.


Shed Some Light

Compact source of LED lighting with a fully adjustable high resolution dimmer that provides uniformity and shadow free illumination. Consists of 96 LED lights that do not heat or flicker. Adapter may be required to mount a micro video lens. Opening 50mm with 3 thumb screws for mounting.



  • Micro Zoom Lens with .5x coupler and 2x auxiliary lens
  • P Stand with focus mount
  • 720p HDMI Color Camera 
  • View your inspection in crystal-clear 720p high definition
  • Ring light with 96 adjustable LED lights


Micro Lens Video Inspection System with HDMI Color Camera and P Stand
Stand Aven Pole Stand w/ Focus Mount 
Magnification 89x – 500x
Lens System Micro Zoom Lens; .5x coupler w/focus adjust; 2x auxiliary lens
Ring light LED Ring Light w/ 96 adjustable LEDs
Dimensions Base – 220mm x 284mm x 15mm – Post – 250mm

Package Content 
  • #26800B-511 Pole Stand w/ Focus Mount 
  • #V-1113-A10 Micro Zoom Lens 
  • #V-1113-A11 .5x coupler 
  • #26100-255 720p Camera
  • #26100-255 Remote Control
  • #26100-255-CAB HDMI Cable
  • #26100-255-PWR power supply
  • #26800B-511 Pole Stand with Focus Mount
  • #V-1113-A12  2x Auxiliary Lens 
  • #26700-151AP Adapter Plate for Micro Lens 
  • #26200B-216 LED Ring Light 


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