Micro Lens System Zoom 640 with In Line LED Coaxial Illumination

Product #: 26700-151-CX

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Aven Micro Lens System with Detents. 0.6x to 4.0x magnification with 1x C-Mount Coupler and 1X objective lens. Produces crisp clear images with large depth of field. Working Distance 82mm

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Ideal for inspecting highly reflective surfaces

Aven Micro Lens System with inline Coaxial Illumination is ideal for applications involving highly reflective surfaces, such as wafers, polished parts and fluids. This lens system will provide even illumination in high magnification applications.
This lens system comes with detents which allows you to calibrate the lens for measurement repeatability. Comes standard with 1x C-mount coupler and 1x objective lens and LED illuminator with intensity control.
Total magnification os 0.6x to 4.0x, Field of view is 6 x 8mm at low magnification and 0.8 x 1.2mm at high magnification. Working distance is 82mm. Additional couplers and objective lenses are available to help you configure a lens system to meet your application. See optical specification chart for more details.



  • Inline Coaxial Illumination for highly reflective surfaces
  • Infinity Optical Design for large depth of field and zoom ratio
  • Parfocal throughout zoom range
  • Compact design
  • High contrast images and vivid colors


Micro Lens System Zoom 640
Zoom Range 0.6x to 4.0x
Zoom Ratio 6.7:1
No. Detents 7
Field of View 6 x 8mm at low mag
0.9 x 1.2mm at high mag
Magnification Optical: 0.6x to 4.0x
Working Distance 82mm (w/1x Objective & 1x Coupler)
Illumination Inline LED
Height 182.6mm
Diameter 0.38mm
Weight 453g (1lb)
Package Contents 0.6x to 4.0x zoom body with inline coax adapter, 1x C-mount coupler and 1x objective lens with LED illuminator

Optical Data

Objective CCD Coupler
Magnification Working Distance 0.5X 1X
0.3X WD:293mm Total Mag. 0.09X–0.6X 0.18X–1.2X
FOV(mm) 40X53.33–6X8 20X26.67–3X4
0.5X WD:175mm Total Mag. 0.15X–1X 0.3X–2X
FOV(mm) 24X32–3.6X4.8 12X16–1.8X2.4
0.75X WD:117mm Total Mag. 0.225X–1.5X 0.45X–3X
FOV(mm) 16X21.33-2.4X3.2 8X10.67-1.2×1.6
1X WD: 82mm Total Mag. 0.3X-2X 0.6X-4X
FOV(mm) 12X16-1.8X2.4 6X8-0.9X1.2
1.5X WD:54mm Total Mag. 0.45X-3X .9X-6X
FOV(mm) 8X10.67-1.2X1.6 4X5.33-0.6X0.8
2X WD:35mm Total Mag. 0.6X-4X 1.2X-8X
FOV(mm) 6X8-0.9X1.2 3X4-0.45X0.6
Zoom Body magnification range: 0.6X~4.0X

Dimensions: mm


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