Micro Lens System FM123

Product #: 26700-185

Price: $368.42

Micro FM123 Lens system with four switchable lenses: 0.78x, 1.56x, 2.34x and 3.12x with 10x eyepiece

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The Micro FM123 lens has four switchable lenses, 0.78x, 1.56x, 2.34x and 3.12x, located in the unit. Simply rotate the head to switch between magnifications. It includes a 10x eyepiece which allows you to use the lens as a monocular microscope with magnification of 7.8x, 15.6x, 23.4x and 31.2x. Using a 1/3″ CCD camera and a 19″ screen, the on screen magnification is about 62x, 125x, 188x and 250x subject to 4:3 aspect ratio of both screen and camera chip. For other aspect ratio such as 16:9, these magnifications may change depending on the screen and the camera used. Ideal for high magnification field of view measurement.



    • Four Lenses
    • Switchable Magnification
    • Object stays in focus when switching magnification
    • Can be used as a monocular microscope with included 10x eyepiece
    • C-Mount Adapter Included


Micro Lens System FM123
Field of View 6 x 4.5mm at 0.78x
3 x 2.2mm at 1.56x
2 x 1.5mm at 2.34x
1.5 x 1.1mm at 3.12x
These FOV are with 1/3″ CCD Camera
Magnification 0.78x, 1.56x, 2.34, and 3.12x (Switchable)
Working Distance 64.3mm
Height 267mm (10.5″)
Diameter 74mm
Weight 635g (1.4lbs)
Package Contents Micro Lend FM123
10x Eyepiece
C-mount adapter
Ring Light Adapter


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