Macro Vue Eidos Video Inspection System with Gliding Boom Stand

Product #: 26700-118

Price: $2,285.46

Aven’s Macro Vue Eidos is a stand-alone high magnification inspection system.   Reduce neck fatigue and eye strain while increasing productivity.  Includes:

  • Mighy Cam Eidos camera 11.6″ integrated HD monitor and 2M inspection camera
  • Ultra-Glide Boom Stand
  • Macro-Zoom 7000 lens
  • LED ring light with 60 LEDs
  • E-Arm Focus Mount
  • 7x to 40x magnification at a 6 inch working distance
  • Wireless mouse for on-screen menu access

Inspection Simplified

Neck strain and eye fatigue are a common occurrence with modern microscopes and can make routine inspection challenging. Stay focused, reduce fatigue while saving valuable bench top space with Aven’s all-in-one Macro Vue Eidos systems.

All-in-one High Magnification

Have It All

Aven’s Macro Vue Eidos is a stand-alone inspection system. All of the components you need for high magnification are mounted together in this convenient, space-saving unit.

Mighty Cam Eidos

11.6" 1080p HD monitor
USB output connects the Eidos to your PC, allowing use of imaging and measurement software
Tilts back up to a 90 degree angle.
Mighty Cam Eidos provides all of the features needed for digital inspection.

  • 11.6″ 1080p HD monitor
  • SD card reader for image and video capture
  • Menu system including exposure, white balance, grid overlays, image adjustment, compare mode, freeze frame + more
  • USB output for connection to a PC for imaging and measurement software

Exceptional Optics

Wide zoom range for general inspection and analysis.
For optical data, review the Magnification Tables.


7x to 40x magnification at a 6 inch working distance

Adjustable Illumination

  • 60 High Intensity LED Lights for shadow-free illumination
  • Continuous Brightness Control
  • Flicker Free
  • Energy efficient

Gliding Boom Stand

This glide boom stand with a heavy metal base is an excellent device for inspection applications that require magnification adjustment and the ability to move easily across a specimen.


  • Improve inspection quality, reduce eye strain and fatigue
  • Space-saving standard stand with focus mount
  • Top-mounted adjustable Mighty Cam Eidos 2M integrated 2M Camera / 11.6″ Monitor
  • Wide range zoom lens with adjustable iris, zoom and focus
  • 1080p color camera, 60 FPS with integrated software / USB image capture
  • LED Ring Light with brightness control for shadow-free illumination
  • Maximizes your bench top space with a unique compact design


Macro Vue Eidos HD Video inspection System w/ Ultra-Glide Boom Stand

Dimensions23" x 14" x 10.5"
Package Contents

  • 26100-260 - Mighty Cam Eidos

  • 26800B-556 - Ultra-Glide Arm Boom Stand

  • 26700-180 - Macro Zoom 7000 Lens

  • 26800B-430 - Lens Adapter

  • 26200B-211 - LED Ring Light

  • 26800B-518 - E-Arm Focus Mount

Zoom 7000 Field of View Matrix

Working DistanceHigh MagnificationLow Magnification

All dimensions are in mm.



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