E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set

Product #: AVEN-18480EZ

Price: $29.65

Tweezers included in the set are: Styles AA, OO, 2A, 3C, #5, and #7 in a handy pouch.


6 of Aven’s most popular EZ Pick tweezers supplied in a plastic pouch. Contains AA-SA, OO-SA, 2A-SA, 3C-SA, 5-SA and 7-SA styles.



  • 18013EZ, E-Z Pik Style AA Tweezers
  • 18032EZ, E-Z Pik Style OO Tweezers
  • 18049EZ, E-Z Pik Style 2A Tweezers
  • 18056EZ, E-Z Pik Style 3C Tweezers
  • 18062EZ, E-Z Pik Style #5 Tweezers
  • 18072EZ, E-Z Pik Style #7 Tweezers


E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set
Material Stainless Steel
No. of Pieces 6
Weight 0.35 lb


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