Ceramic Tweezers Pattern 73

Product #: AVEN-18812

Price: $91.65

Swiss made, high strength/high hardness, corrsion resistant, electrically insulating


High-quality solder and wear resistant tweezers, featuring contamination-free Zirconia ceramic tips, designed for use in high heat applications. The Swiss made stainless steel handles provide excellent corrosion resistance and are highly resistant to all strong acids except hydrofluoric. The ceramic tips are six-times harder than stainless steel and twice as hard as carbon steel.


  • Low thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance.
  • 100% non magnetic, non rusting and non static.
  • Highly resistant to all strong acids except hydrofluoric.
  • Solder will not adhere to surface.
  • Will hold tip geometry better than metal.


Ceramic Tweezers Pattern 73
Tip Style Extra fine smooth tips
Length 5 1/4 in
Material Ceramic
Resistant Temperature 1500°C
Weight 0.1 lb


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