Artis Tweezers AA-SA

Product #: AVEN-18013ARS

Price: $9.95

Artis Tweezers style AA-SA. For general assembly. Very strong and fine tips and additional length. Length: 5” (130mm)

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Artis Tweezers AA-SA

Reimagining The Tweezer

The tweezer is one of the longest standing and most important staples of every work bench, and Aven’s innovative Artis Tweezers have set a new precedent for precision. Aven’s cutting edge design features a angled bend at the end of the tip, which provides a softer overall grip with a large surface area that reduces hand fatigue, enhancing productivity. The durable tweezers are protected by an attractive ESD safe coating, and the highly polished stainless steel tips with rounded edges allow operators to handle very fine wire, miniature parts, electrical components, and other delicate materials in a confined space without risk of damage.

Reduced Hand fatigue.  Increased Surface Area.

Artis Tweezers feature an angled bend at the end of the grip.  This patent-pending design aligns the tips parallel to each other,  providing a fatigue-reducing grip and a larger surface area to work with.

Highly Polished Stainless Steel Tips

Highly polished stainless steel tips with rounded edges prevent you delicate materials from being scratched or marked.


ESD Safe Coating

Attractive ESD Safe coating protects the tweezer grip



  • Exclusive Patent-Pending Design
  • Angled Bend provides a softer grip, reducing hand fatigue while offering a larger surface area
  • Highly polished stainless steel tips with rounded edges
  • Protective ESD Safe coating
  • AA-SA Style – For general assembly.  Very strong and fine tips.


Artis Tweezers AA-SA
Material Stainless Steel
Tweezer Style AA-SA
Overall Length 5” (130mm)


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