Precision Tweezers

Precision Tweezers
Style Tip Pic Description Accu-Tek Swiss Made Technik High Precision Titanium Swiss Accu-Tek Titanium Technik High Precision EZ-Pik Color Comfort Gip Artis
        Mini Stainless Steel Carbon Steel          
AA Tweezer Style AA Tip For general assembly, very strong and precise tips with fine finish 18013-BR (Brass)   18013USA 18011-CS 18013TS 18013TT 18013EZ   18013ARS
AC Tweezer Style AC Tip Sturdy tips for bending and handling very fine wire and components. Finger grips     18016USA 18014-CS          
MM Tweezer Style MM Tip General Purpose Tweezer     18023USA 18021-CS         18023ARS
00 Tweezer Style 00 Tip Flat edges, heavy duty strong blades tapering to a regular strong point 18032ACU   18032USA 18032-CS 18032TS 18032TT 18032EZ 18032-ER 18032ARS
00C Tweezer Style 00C Tip Flat edges, heavy duty strong blades tapering to a regular strong point. Slightly shorter than OO     18034USA            
00D Tweezer Style 00D Tip Flat edges, heavy duty strong blades tapering to a regular strong point. Finger grips 18037ACU 18037-MS 18037USA 18036-CS   18037TT      
0 Tweezer Style 0 Tip Fine Straight Points for handling and positioning of minature parts or fine wire 18026ACU   18026USA            
0A Tweezer Style 0A Tip Straight Points with radius edges. Designed for dense areas     18027USA            
0C Tweezer Style 0C Tip Flat Edges, fine tips and short 18029ACU   18029USA            
SS Tweezer Style SS Tip. Extra long and narrow with extended reach to access confined areas. 18040ACU   18040USA           18040ARS
1 Tweezer Style 1 Tip General Use, Strong Blade with Fine Point 18043ACU   18043USA 18043-CS   18043TT     18043ARS
2 Tweezer Style 2 Tip Tapered sharp point for bending and handling of small wire and parts 18046ACU 18046-MS 18046USA 18046-CS 18046TS 18046TT      
2A Tweezer Style 2A Tip Straight Flat Tips. Provides large flat gripping surface. 18049ACU 18049-MS 18049USA 18049-CS 18049TS 18049TT 18049EZ 18049-ER 18049ARS
2AB Tweezer Style 2AB Tip Curved Flat Tips. Best Flat tips. Tips provide large flat gripping surface.     18050USA            
3 Tweezer Style 3 Tip Fine point tweezers for general assembly or light magnification applications. 18053ACU 18053-MS 18053USA 18053-CS 18053TS 18053TT      
3C Tweezer Style 3C Tip Fine point tweezers. Slightly shorter then #3 18056ACU   18056USA 18054-CS 18056TS 18056TT 18056EZ 18056-ER 18056ARS
3CB Tweezer Style 3CB Tip Fine point with bent tips 18078ACU                
3F Tweezer Style 3F Tip Fine point. Tips touch over 3mm for holding tiny wires 18079ACU                
35A Tweezer Style 35A Tip Wafer handling tweezers     18201USA            
36 Tweezer Style 36 Tip Angled broad tip with large paddle style tips     18202USA            
4 Tweezer Style 4 Tip Blades taper sharply from body to a very fine rounded point. For extra fine work 18059ACU   18059USA 18057-CS   18059TT      
5 Tweezer Style 5 Tip Blades taper sharply from body to a super fine point. For extra fine work 18062ACU 18062-MS 18062USA 18060-CS 18062TS 18062TT 18062EZ 18062-ER 18062ARS
5A Tweezer Style 5A Tip Oblique fine points for greater visability 18065ACU   18065USA 18065-CS   18065TT      
5B Tweezer Style 5B Tip Super micro high precision bent tips provide maximum visiablilty. 18066ACU   18066USA 18066-CS          
6 Tweezer Style 6 Tip Angled Fine Tips for access to tight areas 18069ACU   18069USA 18067-CS 18069TS 18069TT      
65A Tweezer Style 65A Tip Long fine curved tips 18076ACU                
66 Tweezer Style 66 Tip Long double bent tips 18077ACU                
7 Tweezer Style 7 Tip Curved super fine points for assembly work 18072ACU   18072USA 18070-CS 18072TS 18072TT 18072EZ 18072-ER 18072ARS
7B Tweezer Style 7B Tip Serrated surved super fine points     18074USA            
15AWG Tweezer Style 15AWG Tip Cutting tweezers. Used for fine wire or hairsprings 18114ACU                

Precision Tweezer Sets

Style Picture Description Part #
Aven 6-Piece Tweezer Set Aven 6-Piece Tweezer Set Contains one each of the following in a plastic pouch: 7" Curved Solder Utility Tweezers, 6" Blunt Tip Tweezers Serrated Points, 4 1/2" Solder Utility Tweezers Sharp Points, 7" Wide Point Tweezers with Lock, 7" Wide Point Cross Locking Tweezers, 7" Solder Utility Tweezers Straight. 18472
Aven 5-Piece Tweezer Set Aven 5-Piece Tweezer Set Contains one each of the following in a plastic pouch:4 1/4" Curved Tweezer. Serrated Tips, 4 1/4" Spade Tip Tweezers Smooth, 4 1/4" Wide Point Tweezer: Serrated Tips, 4 1/4" Indented Shank Tweezers Smooth Tips, 4 1/2" Solder Utility Tweezers Sharp Points. 18473
Teknik 6-Piece Precision Tweezer Set Teknik 6-Piece Precision Tweezer Set 6 of our most popular tweezers supplied in a plastic pouch. Contains AA-SA, OO-SA, OODSA, 3C-SA, 5-SA and 7-SA 18475USA
Teknik 5-Piece Precision Tweezer Set Teknik 5-Piece Precision Tweezer Set Supplied in an elegant padded wooden case. Contains the most popular tweezers: OO-SA, OOD-SA, 3C-SA, 5-SA and 7-SA 18476USA
E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set 6 of our most popular tweezers supplied in a plastic pouch. Contains AA-SA, OO-SA, OODSA, 3C-SA, 5-SA and 7-SA 18480EZ
Titanium 6-Piece Precision Tweezer Set Titanium 6-Piece Precision Tweezer Set This set consists of our most popular titanium tweezers in a handy pouch. Tweezers included in the set are Styles 2A, 3c, OO, AA, 5 and 7. 18480TT
Style Tip Pic Description Plastic ESD SAFE Plastic
2A/707 Tweezer Style 2A/707 Straight Flat Tips Pointed. 18511 18533
2AB Tweezer Style 2AB Curved Flat Tips. 18514  
2C Tweezer Style 2C Fine Straight Tips. 18517  
705 Tweezer Style 705 Tapered Tips Very Fine.   18532
702A Tweezer Style 702A Tapered Tips Flat Tip.   18531
6A Tweezer Style 6A Very Fine Angulated. 18520  
7/707A Tweezer Style 7/707A Fine Curved Tips. 18523 18534
35/709 Tweezer Style 35/709 Straight Flat Tips Broad. 18526 18535
35A/710 Tweezer Style 35A/710 Straight Flat Tips Broad. 18529 18536
Style Tip Pic Description Carbofib
2 Tweezer Style 2/71 Straight strong tips fine point 18767
2A Tweezer Style 2A Straight strong tips flat/round point 18768
3 Tweezer Style 3/72 Straight stong tips medium point 18760
302 Tweezer Style 302/74 Straight broad tips 18702
304 Tweezer Style 304 Straight fine tips 18704
5 Tweezer Style 5/73 Stright ultra fine tips 18762
7 Tweezer Style 7 Fine angulated tips 18769

We offer a wide variety of tweezers to meet a broad range of applications and 2 different quality grades.

In order to choose the best tool for your application:

  1. Determine the type of points best suited for your application.
  2. Refer to the material guide below and select the correct material for your application.
  3. Determine the quality level required for your application if applicable. (Table 1)

Special Coatings (Available on non-magnetic steel only)

TE - Teflon Superior anti-scratch, non-stick material. Acid resistant. 400°F/200°C

EP - Epoxy Good electrical insulation and resistance to chemicals. Antiglare. 300°F/150°C

* To order tweezers with above mentioned coatings, call Aven for price and delivery time.

Quality Grades (Table 1)
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Made from the finest steels. Perfectly Balanced for a superior feel. Light weight with soft tension with accurately finished points. Recommended for work under high power magnification aerospace and micro electronics and in applications where high precision is required. All Accu-Tek precision tweezers are made from anti-acid, anti-magnetic stainless steel.
♦ ♦ ♦
Finely crafted tweezers. Anti-glare finish to reduce eye strain. Hand finished points for accuracy. Recommended for micro electronics and precision assembly.
Material Selection Guide (Table 2)
Material Tip Hardness Magnetism Corrosion Resistance
Titanium Excellent Never Excellent
Carbon steel Excellent Yes Low
Stainless Steel Very Good Some Good
Stainless Steel, Anti-magnetic, Anti-acid Good None to very little Excellent, Resists Acids
Carbon Composite Soft None Non-corrosive

Titanium: Titanium tweezers are excellent for use in the silicon chip industry, as they do not shed particles like the stainless steel. When it is determined that microscopic particles are a detriment when handling abrasive parts we recommend using titanium tweezers. In addition since titanium tweezers are 100% non magnetic, they are extremely useful when working with magnetic materials or when working in a magnetic field. Titanium is lightweight and a high strength material.

Ceramic: ESD Safe, non magnetic. Resists all chemicals except hydrofluoric acids. Withstands temperatures up to 900°F. Heat sink fighter.

Plastic: We offer static dissipative plastic tweezers. Plastic tweezers are non magnetic, resist virtually all commercial solvents. Non absorbent and easy to clean. Tips are non-marring.

Carbofib: Fully ESD Safe (102 ohm) but at the same time, soft and non scratching. These conductive synthetic fiber tips are ideally suited to handle delicate and fragile components when extreme care and ESD safety are an absolute necessity. Every tweezers is manually finished and tested for maximum precision. Chemical resistant and heat resistant up to 256ºC.

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